2013 The Ghost Train – Arnold Ridley

When several rail road passengers get marooned in a remote train depot they are understandably annoyed at this inconvenience, caused by one of their own. Adding to the passengers’ discomfort is the story of a ghost train which runs along this rail line, bringing sudden death in its wake. Not everyone believes the story until some mysterious events start to happen…


Elsie Winthrop                   Kelly Ainsworth

Richard Winthrop             Jonathan Vander Veen

Saul Hodgkin                      Michael Keindel

Charles Murdock              Branden Reimer

Peggy Murdock                Lorissa Zuchotzki

Miss Bourne                       Sue Paulson

Teddie Deakin                   Peter Dickhout

Julia Price                            Alyssa Weber

Herbert Price                     Peter Smith

John Sterling                      Scott McKenzie

Jackson                                Terry Beler