Great Dinner Theatre in Devon!


East of Sixty Productions was founded as a non profit organisation in 2005 bringing community dinner theatre to Devon, Alberta.

Our mission is to encourage our members to enjoy involvement in a quality theatrical production, to provide theatre for our audience to enjoy, and to enhance the community.

Although an amateur company, we aim to bring a professional quality to our productions.

Interested in auditioning for our next production?

Check under the Theatricool tab for information on auditions for our upcoming Christmas production.

Play Readings

Playreadings are held in The Playhouse and are open to all.

No obligation other than to come and relax and have a good time!

Snacks and beverages are included in this free event!

Next Play Reading:


Many thanks to the Town of Devon
giving us a home.


Alberta Foundation for the Arts makes it possible for us to continue to bring quality theatre to life, for which we are extremely grateful.

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