2013 This Must Be The Place – Monk Ferris


When world famous portrait artist Bob Zachary plans a romantic evening to propose to April March, he doesn’t figure on his plumber chum posing as him to lure a Las Vegas chorine to the house for a tryst, fashion designer Pomona Beaumont showing up seeking her niece debutante who is a client of Bob’s, the niece ecstatically thinking that Bob is going to propose to her, a monstrous rejected suitor of April’s showing up to wreak vengeance, Gloria’s mother arriving to look for the missing Desmond diamonds (which vanished while in the custody of Pomona’s long missing daughter Clorinda) or the arrival of the weirdest private detective ever to stride onto a stage with drawn gun and an erroneous notion of who’s who and what’s what. This show is three acts of nonstop hilarity, a chaotic riot that barely gives audiences time to breathe between guffaws.

Directed by Judy Beler

Bob Zachary                                                       Peter Smith

Gloria Desmond                                               Jenn Phillips

Roger Clark                                                       Larry Rutherford

Pomona Beaumont                                          Ki Wilson

April March                                                       Stephanie Vander Veen

Candy Cluster                                                    Victoria Stinchcombe (Alyssa Weber)

Julian Glester                                                     Terry Beler

Wendell Zolotnick                                             Peter Dickhout

Minerva Desmond                                            Kelly Ainsworth