2012 Out of Sight, Out of Murder – Fred Carmichael


An author sits in an isolated house, trying to work out the plot of his latest thriller.  His career is on the slide and, to save it, he must come up with something special.  But what happens next is more incredible than anything he could have imagined.  A bolt of lightning and his characters are there in front of him!  But as he tries to work out the plot, he finds that these characters have minds of their own and the plot takes some unexpected twists.  Mayhem ensues as the author struggles to regain control of his own creations.


Peter: Scott McKenzie
Minna: Cindy Thornton
Lydia Dillingham: Judy Beler
Cockburn: Andy Toms
The Ingenue: Alyssa Weber
Fanny Leadbottom: Bridget Toms
Addie: Hannah Quimby
Jordan Dillingham: Peter Smith

Director: Vicky Smith
Set Design: Geoff Allcock