2011 Murder On the Rerun – Fred Carmichael

PrintA ghost tries to find out who murdered her in a witty, sophisticated, yet suspenseful look at the upper crust of Hollywood. The curtain rises to find Jane, Oscar winning screen writer, dead at the bottom of the stairs in a Vermont ski lodge. Her four friends and husband are saying she fell. “I was pushed!” she says as her ghost rises. Aided by Kitty, a rather wanton adviser from “up there,” Jane is brought ahead to the present, three years after the murder, where the same group is gathered. They are all famous film makers with an intense hate love relationship; Jane’s husband who has married an ambitious ingenue, a heading for middle age leading lady, an arrogant director, and Hollywood’s reigning gossip columnist. The five suspects join together to keep the possible murder quiet for reasons of their own but their relationship busts apart with their mutual distrust. Woven through the suspense in humorous, acidic, and revealing comedy is an extraordinary whodunit with a surprise denouement when the murderer is revealed.


Hugh Lawton                               Peter Smith
Betsy Randolph                          Hollie Sheppard
Valerie Vickers                           Judy Beler
Jane Ackerly                                Paula Bancroft
Edwina Dunbar                          Cindy Thornton
Justin Wills                                 Duell Pruden-Doughty
Kitty                                                Angie Podgurny

Production Team

Director                                         Scott McKenzie
Assistant Director                     Kelly Ainsworth
Producer                                       Leslie Hart
Stage Manager                            Pamela Gehlert
Set designer/Carpenter          Geoff Allcock
Set dressing and props           Geoff and Janet Allcock
Costume Manager                     Christine Awde
Lights and Sound                      Ben Schmidt
Front of House Manager         Midge Laslop
Box Office                                     Brenda Clavier
Marketing                                     Janet Allcock
Photography                               Chelsea Hart