2006 Cash On Delivery – Michael Cooney

Cash on Delivery, a quintessential British farce loaded with loony characters who make so many entrances and exits through that the whole affair often looks like a human pinball machine.

The rub: Landlord Eric Swan is defrauding the British government by accepting various types of financial support for former and fictitious boarders. The scheme seems to be on the verge of collapse when bureaucrats Mr. Jenkins and Ms. Cowper  show up to see where all the checks are going. Chaos Ensues.

Eric Swan: Pete Smith
Norman: Andy Toms
Linda Swan: Leisa Radford
Mr. Jenkins: Paul Donnelly
Uncle George: Steve Hiebert
Sally Chessington: Adele Appleton
Mrs Cowper: Shawna Neumeier
Mr Forbright: Richard St Amant
Brenda Dixon: Nancy Grantham