2009 Hotbed Hotel – Michael Parker

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Terry and Brian Cody are hoping to sell their “One Star Hotel” in the Florida Keys to the only man who has expressed any interest in buying it, a Mr. Lewis from New York. Unfortunately they have so few guests, they’re afraid Mr. Lewis will see at once that the hotel is a bad investment. So in order to bolster his interest, they devise a plan to make the hotel appear busier and more prosperous that it actually is by having their staff masquerade as paying guests, thereby giving Mr. Lewis the impression that the hotel is overflowing with loyal customers and vacationers. But their plan has one hitch. Their entire staff consists of a alchoholic maintenance man named Hopkins and a sexy, scatterbrained housemaid who can’t seem to remain completely clothed for longer than a few moments at a time! The hotel’s guests include a predatory nymphomaniac who is affectionately known as “The Barracuda”, a wealthy Arabian Sheik named Abdul, and a humorless old battleaxe.

Hopkins: Gary Humphries
Brian Cody: Andy Toms
Terry Cody: Bridget Toms
Major Ponsenby: Geoff Allcock
Maureen: Lorissa Zuchotzki
Sam Lewis: Jason Witherspoon
Ashley: Jennifer Gates
Hayley Harrington: Judy Beler
Dorothy: Brenda Clavier

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