2018 – Skin Flick – Norm Foster

Skin Flick by Norm Foster

April 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 & 22, 2018

Tickets on Sale March 1, 2018

A light-hearted comedy told from the perspective of Rollie, the story’s charming narrator, Skin Flick puts a steamy spotlight on a group of innocent people navigating the world of pornography.

Middle-aged couple Daphne and Rollie and their friend Alex have found themselves out of work and out of luck. So when they come across a mistakenly rented X-rated movie, they get the idea to make their own porno film for some quick cash. The only problem is none of them want to star in it themselves. As if on cue, Jill, a birthday telegram messenger, accidentally arrives on their doorstep and their cast is set.

Rollie Waters – Marc Haine
Daphne Waters – Kristie Denis
Alex Tratt – Jayson Hlus
Jill – Alyssa Smith
Byron Hobbs – Larry Rutherford

Director – Vicky Smith
Assistant Director – Judy Beler
Executive Producer – Vicky Smith
Production Manager – Terry Beler
Front of House Manager – Midge Laslop
Design – Ki Wilson
Marketing – Lorne Prunkl